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I am a California Licensed Fiduciary and Senior Advisor based in San Francisco. As a fiduciary, I can assist families and individuals navigate the intricacies of wills and trusts, powers of attorney, conservatorships and probated estates.  As a Senior Advisor, I can implement a plan for you to age-in-place in your home, or work with you to find a great senior community.


As a Trustee, I carry out the instructions written in a trust instrument. Duties include inventory of assets and determining their current values, collecting benefits, filing tax returns, paying bills, preparing a final accounting and distributing trust assets to beneficiaries as the trust directs.


A power of attorney (POA) document allows you to appoint a person or organization to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so. As a POA for healthcare, I will make the medical decisions you specify if you are unconscious, incompetent or unable to make your own decisions.  As a POA for finance, I will do the same for your assets.


Acting as a Personal Representative, I settle and distribute estates by following the directions outlined in a Last Will and Testament, following the probate laws of California.

My duties include collecting and preparing an inventory of the assets of an estate, paying estate expenses and distributing the estate property to the beneficiaries. 



As a senior advisor, I can help find services, identify strategies and

create a budget that will allow

for aging-in-place.

If that is not the goal, I have personally visited 1000 senior living

communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, so am able to assist in finding an appropriate senior community that fits the tastes and financial situation

of my clients.


As conservator of the estate, I am appointed by a probate judge when someone is unable to resist undue influence and fraud. 

A conservator will locate, protect and manage the conservatee's assets, pay bills, prudently invest funds and create a budget for the conservatee to live on.

This role is court supervised.


Depending upon the task, services run between $30 and $150 per hour.

SENECA, San Francisco

Tia was organized, knew her stuff, and helped me right away when my mother-in-law needed to move into skilled nursing care. She had recommendations for good skilled nursing facilities that we toured together over the course of a few days. Eventually my mother-in-law was settled in and I felt thankful that I had Tia's help to understand what was happening every step of the way.

NANCY, Marin County

So many people in this field are lacking warmth, that's why I was happy to find Tia. She has so much experience with elders and their lives and needs. I have appointed her as successor trustee on my trust and have great confidence that when the time comes, she will follow my husband's and my wishes to the letter.

DEAN, San Francisco

I decided to appoint Tia my Power of Attorney for healthcare. I wanted a third party, not a relative, so my wishes would be sure to be carried out to the letter. 

Tia has integrity, kindness and intelligence. I want all of those qualities for my POA for healthcare.


I began my career in technology, with orbital mechanics and software development management for the US Government and private companies.


My focus shifted when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As her only child, I moved her from Washington to California to better manage all aspects of her care and finances for 10 years.

I became a Professional Fiduciary to further my education and service offerings to my favorite age group - seniors.

​I am a

  • California Licensed Professional Fiduciary #1131

  • Member of the Independent Trustee Alliance

  • Member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California

  • Treasurer of the SF Chapter of PFAC

  • Advisory Council Member to the San Francisco Commission on Aging and Adult Services.

And have a

  • BS in Physics

  • MS in Systems Management


Contact Me:

(415) 509-1319

I offer a free 10 minute consultation to determine how we might work together.

California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries are licensed and regulated by the State of California under the Department of Consumer Affairs.

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